Christmas Advent Drawers

How to do it

Guide step 1
Step 1.
Prime the front of each drawer with off-white Plus Color craft paint. This makes the patterns, colours and designs on the thin decoupage paper appear as clear as possible. A TIP! Avoid getting paint on the sides by painting from the centre towards the edges. Leave to dry.
Guide step 2
Step 2.
Cut a piece of decoupage paper slightly bigger than the front of the drawer. Apply decoupage lacquer to the front of the drawer.
Guide step 3
Step 3.
Place the decoupage paper in the wet decoupage lacquer and smooth it out evenly. Apply a coat of decoupage lacquer on top of the decoupage paper all the way to the edges. (This stiffens the paper, making it easier to trim later). Leave to dry.
Guide step 4
Step 4.
Trim the excess decoupage paper with a knife or scissors.
Guide step 5
Step 5.
Glue on the zinc tag with the cut-out number.
Guide step 6
Step 6.
Untie the jute string on the zinc tag and tie a bow. A TIP: If the string curls, straighten it by wetting it with water.

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