Two Part Bauble 8cm Brown Recycled Paper 4pc Storage Decoration Decoupage

Kickstart your creativity with this 2-part paper ball, which is covered with brown recycled paper on the outside and white paper on the inside. The ball can be decorated in a wealth of creative ways – e.g. with craft paint, decoupage, pulp, etc. It's perfect for storing small items and surprises.

Decorate the two halves of the ball separately and make sure that the decoration does not cover the edge where the ball will be joined together later. Plus Color craft paint is recommended for adding colour, which comes in a wide range of shades to cover the dark base. You can also use decoupage techniques and cover your ball with paper, tissue paper, napkins etc. They can also be covered with paper pulp, plaster gauze etc.

The two-part ball, which can be decorated in a multitude of different ways, can be used as a little decorative box for small items. Also use it as a personalised gift box for smaller items – and decorate it for the occasion as an alternative to wrapping paper. Decorations can be anything from opaque paint, decoupage, mosaic, glued-on wooden discs, string, beads, fabric, etc.