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Online Business VS Brick and Mortar Shop

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I have been in business since 1993 when I had a brick and mortar shop in Hillingon and now I am 100% online and would love to give my opinion on the pros and cons of the two ways of doing business.

Shop: Pros

  • Love to display the stock
  • Enjoyed talking to customers
  • Creating the window display every week
  • When stock comes, price it and put it on the shelf!
  • No damages
  • Very few returns if any
  • Handling money was a fun part too
  • No hassle of packing & posting
  • Customers would praise my shop and it was very encouraging
  • More profit 
  • Less competition

Shop: Cons

  • Fixed working hours 
  • No flexibility
  • Cannot take too many days off 
  • Shop Lifting
  • Local sales only which was a BIG downside
  • High rent
  • High business rates
  • Have to attend the till all the time whether you have customers or not
  • Need a lot of stock to fill the shop

Online: Pros

  • Flexible hours
  • No pricing of stock
  • Can shut online store without being effected much
  • Less rent and rates to pay 
  • If working from home, less overheads and close to your children
  • Sales nationwide and world wide, bringing in higher volume of sales
  • Creating blogs, website designing 
  • More hours with family
  • Have a more relaxed life
  • Have more variety and stock 

Online: cons

  • Packing and posting 
  • Damages and returns 
  • Customers want the goods like NOW!! We all can't be like Amazon! 
  • People very eager to leave bad feedback and reviews 
  • Work more hours then in the shop as business is 24/7 
  • Lost items
  • Less profit as too many competitors

Overall I really loved my wool and craft shop and my customers loved it too, but unfortunately sales were not promising and everything was trending towards online shopping and I had no choice but to go online.

I still enjoy my online business, its my passion and my baby :)

I have great goals and will hopefully achieve them soon!

If you want freedom, a family life, no bosses to boss you, then I would say one word 'Business'

I love and enjoy my Filoro Crafts business!

Hope you love shopping here too!